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The season of Vata
Dry, Light, Cold, Rough, Subtle, Mobile, Clear

crave /krāv/ feel a powerful desire for

nature /nāCHer/ the phenomena of the physical world of plants, animals & landscape; features & products of earth

Cropped image of young woman and her lit
ayurveda inspired indoor and outdoor practices for all levels
sport, fitness, exercise and lifestyle c
resistance training using your own bodyweight & provided equipment: the park is our playground
Two beautiful young women doing yoga cla
our version of "forest bathing" engaging all of your senses to benefit from nature
We want to share the healing power of nature. Join us as we utilize the outdoors to enhance the benefits of activity in the form of Yoga, Hiking, Conditioning, and Mindfulness. 
Discover how nature can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve cognitive function and creativity and lift the heaviness of depression. Being in nature every day is the perfect antidote to
Nature Deficit Disorder.
"nature deficit disorder" 
consequences of the disconnection 
between human and habitat the human
cost of alienation from nature
We know it can be a daunting task to get out into nature every day. For support, tips, and information for all ages, explore our recommended resources.  
Large group of fit and active people doi
Our outdoor classes take place all over the Cleveland area, depending on season, weather & availability. Refer to the calendar for the most updated class location!
private and individual yoga classes and hikes available
Family Events
Sports Teams
Groups & Clubs
 to inquire, contact here

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